Ali G Indahouse

So many people were saying so many bad things about “Ali G Indahouse” that I believed them and indefinetely postponed the film. Until today. Well, I shouldn’t take other people’s opinions about movies as serious as I do.

IMDB rating: 5.8
My rating: 6.5
Celebrity highlights: none.

Ali G Indahouse” is defenitely NOT a bad movie. It is just for a narrow group of audience. It has the special kind of humor, which you’ll either like or hate. It is a bit difficult to define exaclty this humor, because I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else. It is a street farce with lots of parody. It has so much of it that I wasn’t sure at any moment of wheather I am looking at something being parodized or farced. There were lots of sexual stuff but no black humor. Of course, this was pretty far from the jokes one can tell to ladies at VIP dinner anyway, but it was still funny.

Sacha Baron Cohen, who co-wrote the script, produced the film, and played the main role in it surely has a lot of talent. Looking at his filmography I don’t see anything yet except for Ali G bits, but there are few films in different stages of development. I will sure be interested in watching some of them.

This movie is a good candidate for a beer party conclusion.

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