Update on our pregnancy

Olga and I are just coming from our caretaker. (We do weekly checks now.) She said that Olga looks very good and she is totally prepared for the birthgiving. Olga’s belly is moving down and she can give birth any day now. Yes, that means even today!

Anyway, our estimated date of delivery is February 24th. Which is Thursday of the next week. Because the baby is growing good (he is now about 3,700 grams, probably very long too), Olga will not be given any opportunity to deliver later. If the baby won’t come out by himself, Olga will be put into hospital and stimulated for delivery. As far as I know, the process of stimulation is actually pretty routine and possess no risks.

Our next check is scheduled for the 22nd of February, which is exactly in one week. If Olga will still be pregnant, arragements will be made for her to go to the hospital on the evening of 23rd.

So, here I am – not like many future fathers I guess. I have a really precise schedule for when I will become one. “Old man”. “Father”. “Dad”. “Papa”… I am not scared or anything. All my worries are regarding Olga’s delivery and the health and well-being of the baby. Hopefully, everything will go without surprises. Other than that, I am sleeping very well. Actually, I am pretty amazed by myself. I thought I would be more nervous. I guess I made of steel then.

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