My phone is back

Today I went to CYTA to pay for my mobile. Somehow everything went very quickly. There weren’t too many people in their offices at 7:30 in the morning when I came. All the clerks were still fresh and smiling and very polite. It turned out that I didn’t need any ID or any papers at all. I just came straight to the cashier who asked me for my phone number and told me how much I had to pay. I paid and my mobile was useful immidately. I mean I didn’t even step away from the cashier when I checked it.

It might sound strange for those of you living in technologically advanced countries, but I was pretty much surprised. Government body is using a computer system which works and is integrated as low down as the cashier clerk. Fantastic!

Even middle of nowhere, like Cyprus, can’t avoid progress and global computarization. That’s an excellent thought to start continue your day with.

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