WARNING: Do not lick the lemons!

Do not lick the lemons!When I don’t sleep enough, my brain does all sorts of things to entertain itself. Sometimes I compose poems. Sometimes I write songs. Sometimes I draw. Sometimes I write. Usually it’s just an almost random behavior with no much to show for it. Still, some people find it entertaining (like my wife, for example), so I decided that I will be saving “the best of the best”.

Yesterday I made a couple of pictures of the lemon. The subject is very simple and I didn’t manage to find a fresh view of it. Probably that annoyance stayed in my mind, since it came out in the form of 3 language warning 20 minutes ago. The combination of brown and yellow reminded me of nazi colors somehow and just begged for a touch of red. From than on everything just appeared itself.

I’ve also copied the image to the yesterday’s album.

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