Lost and found

It happens sometimes that I forget about this or that piece of hardware in one of my computers. Until recently this or that piece of hardware could be anything except for the hard disk. Not anymore. And what is even stranger is that I forgot about two hard disks long time ago and found them both within the last two weeks.

The first one, 20 GByte, was in my workstation. I didn’t need a lot of space there and was using the old 8 GBytes disk. When I sold the computer without looking inside, the guy to who I sold it called me back and said that there are two disks inside. He asked if I wanted the 20 GByte one back. I didn’t. It is old and small enough not to mean anything for me anymore.

The second one miracleously was found in my home machine today. It is a 40 GByte disk and it came very handy, since I am practically out of space. My root partition has about 5 GBytes which is enough for day-to-day operations, but too small for downloading anything significant (like a couple of movies or a bunch of mp3s). With the 40 GByte disk I can move some things around now…

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