4th dimension

Today I have been preparing both bedrooms for the painting and bleaching session tomorrow. One of the things that I always get surprised by is how many things are there around me that I don’t notice. Computer room didn’t have much stuff at the first glance – just a couple of tables with couple of computers and a cubboard. It took me few hours to move everything to the living room. Fan, chairs, kilometers of cable, books, penguin toys, CDs… The funny thing is that living room was totally filled with stuff. That’s pretty impressive considering the fact that I have given away one of the tables, sold one computer, and thrown away more than 100 kilos of crap.

For years now I had only one explanation for this wonder – 4th dimension. When all the space in the 3rd dimension is occupied, things start to fall into the 4th one. When I try to bring them back, they take much more space.

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