First physiotherapy session

Maxim was recently prescribed two physiotherapy sessions. These should help him combat the bronchitis wet lungs. The idea is that therapist will massage Maxim’s back and front and the wet stuff will come out from the lungs one way (you don’t want to know the details) or another (you definetely don’t want to know the details). Adults don’t normally need such procedures because they can cough their brains out. Not to mention their lungs. Kids are totally different though.

Dr.Christos was recommended to us by Dr.Simos, as we didn’t know anyone else and weren’t bothered enough to look for. He too speak pretty good Russian, and he too graduated from one of ex-USSR universities.

When we met, Dr.Christos turned out to be much younger than he sounded on the phone. Kind eyes and good with kids. Maxim liked him.

The procedure took about half an hour, during which Maxim remained surprisingly calm. Dr.Christos said that all the kids cry. And that, as much as he hates it, it actually helps him in his job – when the kid is crying it is very easy to hear the breathing noises. Maxim wasn’t cooperating in this manner though.

Dr.Christos also gave us a few pointers regarding Maxim’s face massage. Now it was much clearer to us both what exactly we should do, to help Max synchronize his face.

Overall, it was a rather pleasant exprience. We’ll see him again on coming Tuesday.

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