Suicide Kings

Just watched “Suicide Kings” on DVD.

It is a nice film which mixes in crime, drama, and comedy. The story looks fresh and original, although it rings some bells, meaning that I have seen something similar somewhere somewhen. The storytelling and character development is nice. The only thing one has to do to fully enjoy the film is to realize that the movie is not trying to be realistic. It is just a perspective on some abstract situation, which might have arised from something that happened or could have happened in real life. But surely it couldn’t have happened exactly like it is shown in the film.

I didn’t like how the film was changing pace. There wasn’t a good reason for doing that and it looked like unfinished pieces.

The casting was good. Christopher Walken was as good as always. The young guys from the gang of rich kids were very good too.

Overall, a 7 out of 10 experience.

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