Major cleanup

After two hours of major cleanup I have disposed of about 100 kilograms of paper, floppies, CD-ROMs, and other useless junk. I have thrown away 99.9% of all my college notes and course outlines, motherboard manuals, soundcard drivers, MS-DOS user guides and what not. All these activies have freed up a lot of cupboard and wardrobe space, so we won’t have to buy any.

In the process of doing it I have seen things which changed my mood from joyful to sad and back again through angry. I have found a bunch of Internet.Cy magazines from 1996 with Cyprus URLs and mIRC documentation spanning pages. I have found few printouts of Eric Raymond’s essays from the time that was before I learnt who ESR actually is.

Nostalgy and freshness are two strongest feelings I experience right now. Third one is tiredness.

2 thoughts on “Major cleanup”

  1. Here is the direct relation between nostalgy or sadness and how long time junk paper stay in your wardrobe. I’m sobing sometimes, if necessary to put into garbage schoole notepad :) Don’t worry it’s normal. :) Very soon 40-70 years that things will not disturb you.

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