Ocean’s Twelve

With all the crap they are show in the cinemas these days, Olga and I haven’t been there for some time. Today we decided to go see “Ocean’s Twelve“. Martin also joined us. It was suprisingly crowded for a 22:30 showing of a Wednesday night.

The movie was good. Actually it was very good. Below excellent, but really really good. At first I thought it was a typical heist movie with a bunch of guys preparing for deal and later dealing the deal. The plot turned out to be slightly more complicated than that, but it wasn’t about the plot. The film was a cover-up for a whole lot of celebrities to gather together and have lots of fun. And so they do.

George Clooney‘s being an executive producer, brought a lot of style and sharm to the film. He is also an excellent actor along with all the rest who starred there. Additionally, one could enjoy nice soundtrack and really great photography. I still cannot appreciate it enough!

But enough with the goodies – everyone can point them out, no question. What annoyed me beyond the limits was plain old camera shake. I don’t know what it is with cameramen these days and why all the directors love it so much, but few recent movies in a row all have this effect. Hello? Did you try to watch it in the cinema? I mean all the shaking is barely noticable when you are watching the movie on a TV screen. TV screen occupies like 3% of the total area viewable by your eyes. You don’t mind if it shakes there. But when you are in the cinema, big screen covers about 70% of all you see. Now that’s one enourmous shake! It’s no fun. It is painful. Olga closed her eyes for a good half of the film. I was going to do the same, but force myself not to. Now I have a headache. So, if any of your cameramen, producers, or directors are reading this post, please cut off the camera shake. Out of 5 minutes or so of shake, the only 20 seconds appropriate were during the black-and-white episode close to the end of the film. That’s it.

Anyway, the movie was very good, entertaining, and aesthetic. 7 out of 10 it should be than.

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