Cloud shades over Limassol

Cloud shades over Limassol

I was watching the sky for the last few days. I find it interesting that sky in Cyprus is mostly boring. In summery it is plain blue, and in winter it is plain gray. Spectacular cloud formations are very rare and usually come either with night time or heavy raining which kind of excludes the photography for me.

I have noticed though that there is some other aspect to watch for – shades. When clouds are few and the sun is shining, clouds drop shadows on to the ground. If shooting from a high spot with nice panorama, there are some opportunities in there.

Just to remind myself about this later on, I’ve uploaded this photograph.

Album location: /photos/2004/2004-12-01_POTD

Minor downtime

There was a minor downtime today due to upgrades of my CPE. Up until now CPE was getting stuck if it was under load for half an hour or so. Today the motherboard in it was replaced with the new one and all software has been upgraded to newer versions. I will test the results for the next few days, so you might find the site a bit slow (read: under load). Hopefully, all of these will work good though.

Finished playing DopeWars

Today new round started in the DopeWars game A. I have finished previous round with the rank 109 having approximately $33,000,000. Considering that there were almost 500 people playing, and that I started few days later than everyone, and that I played this game for the first time, I think I did very good. Olga finished just few positions below me, and my brother Alex finished yet few more positions below her. Good game.

I will not play this game anymore, because it turned out to be pretty boring. Game balance needs more work and there should be way more functionality. Otherwise it is no fun.