Veronica Guerin

Watched “Veronica Guerin” on DVD.

This is an excellent criminal drama about drug business in Ireland. Main character – Veronica Guerin (excellently performed by Cate Blanchett) is a journalist who investigates the junkie lords and gets killed in the end. The film is based on a true story it seems.

It was a bit slow and boring at places, but overall very dramatic and poweful. It had excellent character development and dialogues. Great soundtrack too.

This film also provokes some thinking on the subject of “Is it worth it?”. Some people would say that what she did was plain stupid. Others would call it courageous. I guess there is no one without another as it has been displayed in many other movies, books, and real life stories. In case of Veronica it was probably worth it – laws changed, many guilty charged, crime levels dropped, many lives saved. And that is probably what she was aiming for and that is what she succeeded with. Same situation applied to another person could have ended with different results. You never know…

Anyway, 8 out of 10. Rent it, it’s worth the time and money. The scene of her walking down the neighborhood was worth the whole movie on its own. Very strong.

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