DopeWars ends. VGA planets starts.

The thrill with DopeWars is gone now. It turned out to be very addictive, but very boring in the long run. At first, it was interesting because I tried to understand how the game works and what is the most efficient path. I also moved very dynamicly in the ranking table. Just a few actions could have caused me to move few tens of positions up or down.

Now I am as high as I can get. I stay between 130th and 140th places for a few days now and no matter what I do I don’t go any higher or any lower. The game seems very simple at this point. There are not that much options to choose from. In fact, most of my clanmates felt the same and quit playing already.

When I talked with my friends about the game, Vladimir suggested that we try something different. He used to play something called VGA planets. Which is a turn-based strategic multiplayer game from past years. We agreed to try it and by now he spent a lot of time configuring the server (Host), checking out the clients, and linking to the documentation. He setup a page for the game at his site here.

I went through most of the “must read” document. And I tried the interface also, so that Vladimir could test if everything is working fine. It looks to be a lot of fun, but it will require some time for me to read the rest of the documentation and to get used to the interface and stuff. Anyway, I am going to try it and I’ll let you know how it goes. Better even, you can join us and we can play it all together.

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