Let’s play DopeWars

DopeWars is one of the most addictive games ever! I have seen many clones of this game on many platforms. I even have a version for my SonyEricsson P800. Today I came across an online version – DopeWars Online.

This version is excellent. It is free, fast and online to start with. It has a whole lot of options too. There are several ways to make money – producing drugs, producing weapons, trafficing drugs, etc. Players can join gangs (cartels). Cartel members have more efficient drug laboratories, weapon factories, etc. They are harder to rob, and they can attack others with better chances.

The game is nicely balanced too.

I’ve already moved to rank 221. I have my own drug lab and factory machines that produce weapons and vests. I’ve bought myself a better coat (for drug transportation) and a few thugs (assassins, killers).

Register, if you are interested. Let me know you player ID (mine is #352) in the comments. We can form a cartel of our own. :)

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