Next DVD in pile – “Dogville“. Either I am very sick or the movie was that good, but I don’t have enough words to reflect upon it – perfect, brilliant, amazing, excellent… You get the point.

Somehow, this film brings the same feelings in me as good photography does. It is a pure art without any commerce in mind. Moreso, its theatrical setting feels like black-and-white photography, which removes colors and anything that can distruct from the subject. Nothing fancy (except maybe for a couple of shots of an old groovy car) was in the film. Scene, about 20 people, excellent camera work (and editing too), great acting, and an interesting and original story.

I am very and totally impressed by this film. It is long (almost 3 hours), slow, but not boring by any means. It swings back and forward. It has a terrific ending too.

A solid 10 out of 10 and a ‘Bravo!’ shout. A definite must see. A definite must have DVD in home collection.

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