Subaru Impreza from a different perspective

I found this story with picture on LiveJournal. It is in Russian, so I’ll roughly translate what is says for those of you who don’t read the language.

Basically, it says that there was this guy Jesse somewhere in Holland, who has some rare desease and he cannot walk, so he is always in the wheel chair. Anyway, once this guy told to his mother that he loves Subaru Impreza. His mother went out to the Internet and asked people who own Subaru Impreza if they could come and give her boy a ride or something. Now, picture this – 164 Subaru Impreza cars came into a small town at the same day. That’s some show, isn’t it? The guy was obviously very happy.

There are a few pictures here.

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  1. Really amazing!!! I also support most of the comments down the article you are pointing to whiche tells that there still good people in the World :)

    Views of the town with lots of Subaru cars are impressive as well!

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