Picture of the day


I’ve almost paniced when I remembered that I haven’t made a picture today. It was just a few minutes into the new day, and I was all relaxed and resting while watching a movie. I had to find something fast and photograph it without loosing too much time over it.

My quick look around got stuck on the Hitachi label of my fridge. That turned out to be much more fun than I originally expected it to. Firstly, I don’t have any studio lights to play with, so all there is available are one tungsten ugly yellow light from the ceiling of the kitchen and my on-camera flash. With sparkling grey fridge shot set as a measure for camera white balancing and a flash over it, I got an interesting blue light effect. This is totally not how it appears in the kitchen, but it does look pretty cool. The 3D shape of the label and letters on top of it provided for a nice macro subject.

I wanted to postprocess it a bit, but I was so in love with this image that my hands didn’t dare to touch the editor. There are just a couple of things to improve though and maybe I will do it one day. There is an edge of the fridge visible in the upper right corner and there are few dust and reflection particles on the label. I also wanted to slightly sharp the ‘HIT’ part of the brand and slightly blur the ‘ACHI’ letters.

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