Only in Malta

I came across an excellent website about Malta – It is one of those sites that I wish were more on the web. It is full of beautiful Malta photographs to start with. Those who get interested, are provided with links to other web resources that contain pictures and information about Malta. Everything you need to know is linked to from that site – radio stations broadcasting over the Internet, history of Malta, business opportunities, sports, etc. Forums are planned for the near future. Great resource overall.

One thought on “Only in Malta”

  1. This is a great site (!

    I love it!

    Not only are there hilarious pics (the Maltese have such a great sense of humour), but the photography section consists entirely of images submitted by users – none of them, apparently are professional photographers, but the website owners put them up for everyone to enjoy! What a great idea! And they all seem to be 1024×768 pixels (ie, idea for desktop wallpaper). :-)

    What a great site, I will be checking it again in the near future.

    Thanks for mentioning it here!

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