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I am pretty often enjoying sites of professional photographers. These guys seem to do everything right – their pictures are perfect, light loves them, compositions are original, dynamic and interesting, and they forget much more information about equipment that they use than I ever knew in the first place. But all these is pretty much expected from professional photographers…

Now, when I stumble across a website of “some guy” who just bought a more-or-less simple camera and started learning and producing excellent photographs, I get really really impressed. One of the examples of such guys is at Kleptography.com. Some really nice photographs there. And if that was not enough, the guy is sharing his experience, what he did, what he got, what he thought, and what he is doing now. Very interesting. But if you are interesting only in pictures, he’s got a whole bunch of them. And on different topics – nature, street photography, architecture, portraits, etc.

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