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Hazard has sent me the link to eMachineShop.com. It is a website where you can order customized parts. You can design whatever form you need cut, drilled, and bent, from which materials, of what size, etc, and these guys will make it according to your design and they will ship it to you in exchange for some money.

Examples of things other people ordered include: keychain tags for club members, cover for ocean buoy, parts for model helicopters and rockets and battery holder.

This can come really useful when you need something that no shop sells and you lack the experience, materials, and/or tools to produce.

One thought on “eMachineShop”

  1. emachineshop is expensive and slow. There’re some other online custom machining service website such as iitmetalfab, machinepier or quickparts. Go iit for sheetmetal, go quickparts for SLA, go machinepier for CNC milling or turing. If works isn’t very urgent, machinepier can do all the works, qualtiy is very good, price seems to be the most competitive among all of them.

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