Picture of the day

Making pizzaOk, today I actually went out of the house. But it was nothing special – Pizzeria Pepperoni. Unfortunately, it was too dark for the fast subjects that I was trying to capture. I used ISO 800 and built-in flash, but most of the pictures are still blurry. ISO 1600 is way too noisy. I guess I do need that proper flash unit after all.

Anyway, the subject is interesting, so I am doing almost no censoring. Enjoy the pictures.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (Taroon) Beta 1 Public Available

From today issue of Linux Weekly News I’ve learned that Red Hat has announced public availability of its Enterprise Linux (code name Taroon) 3 Beta 1. It contains the usual number of updated bits like kernel, Gnome, KDE, and the rest of the software. It supports more platforms and bigger systems this time.

Slashdot will probably mention it too soon.

GNU arch

GNU arch is getting so important to me that I have to create a special post for it with all the links. I’ll update it in the future too.

There are also few pages that describe how to use GNU arch with some specific project repository, like Vim and Garnome, but there is nothing particularly interesting there.

Fai – is the only arch frontend I’ve seen so far.

If you know of any other GNU arch resources, please, let me know via comments or email.

The Best of the Olympics: Athens 2004

Ping pong

Digital Journalist has an interesting article about Athens 2004 Olympics. The article is written from photojournalist’s point of view. It tells about all the problems journalists faced during the games, what was organized good, what could have been better, and things like that. This is a must read for anyone who is planning to cover major sporting events, such as next Olympics in China.

There is also a gallery of excellent images from the Athens Olympics. So far, this is the best I’ve seen covering that event.


This is yet another script to deal with images from digital cameras. It will scale (resize preserving the width to height ratio) down the image to the size you’ve specified and annotate (write on top of the image) it with date time taken from EXIF header of the image. Font face, size and color are configurable. Modified images will be saved with different name (as specified by the prefix variable inside the script).

This script is written in perl. It works with Image::Magick module and jhead program (since Image:EXIF failed to compile on my machine).