Highwaymen” is a kind of film you get when you go to DVD rentals unprepared. It is supposed to be a hot triller, but instead it is a pretty boring movie with nothing much to it, except for some nice camerawork (in terms of sceneray and angles) and terrible budget that allowed only for like 3 people to participate in the movie, which is much more exciting than “Gerry“. Oh, and I almost forgot the opening titles – they were pretty good too.

The story is very usual and boring – harmed individual becomes a maniac to that tries to harm other individuals. There is no acting in the film what-so-ever. Partially that is because of the whole thing being very empty and simplistic, and partially that is because actors themselves weren’t very interested in the movie. Soundtrack was pretty average.

Overall rating – 5 out of 10. Note to self: have at least 3 movies written down in your phone before getting into the rentals – GPRS doesn’t always just work anymore.

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