Chasing Amy

Watched “Chasing Amy” on DVD. This is yet another film written, directed, and partially played by Kevin Smith. It is an OK movie, though much simplier than anything I’ve seen so far of the Kevin’s work.

The story is pretty standard – a guy falls in love with a girl. The girl is a lesbian. The guy tries to “turn her over”. And because of the true love and stuff like that he successeds. The problem turns out to be a big bigger though. Before the girl jumped into a lesbian camp she experimented a lot with all sorts of sexual relationships. The guy, of course, feels a bit akward. There is another small touch to it. The guy has a best friend who is trying to protect him from the lesbian. He tries so much, that the guy thinks that his best friend is actually in love with him.

All of this is pretty tough already. The guy is under a whole lot of stress and naturally he cannot think clearly. The solution he proposes is for all three of them to have sex. This way, he will get OK with his girlfriends past, he and his friend will have sex, and his friend and his girlfriend, he hopes, will get OK too. Fortunately, his girlfriend was smart enough to explain to him that this is a very stupid way of solving problems and that it will do nothing else except for complicating further.

There is a nice line up of actors in here. I just don’t like Joey Lauren Adams. She is not my type and she has all this artificial look around her. Everyone else is just in place. Dialogs are not as strong as they could have been and in places they seem overdeveloped. Soundtrack is nice. It is not my type of music, but it does fit pretty good.

I’ll rate it as 6 out of 10 for now.

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