Traffic jam of the year

Every time I complain about getting stuck in a major traffic jam for 20 minutes, my Moscow friends are laughing at me.  They say that I have no right to complain about 20 minutes, when they spend hours waiting in traffic.  And that’s on a daily basis.  It’s not anything out of the ordinary to spend 3 hours on your way to work and another 3 on your way back home in the traffic jam in Moscow.  But today I heard something that makes those 3 hour traffic jam sound like nothing.

Picture this: an epic traffic jam in China, where some people are stuck now for nine days! It’s been there for so long, that there are businesses starting up around this whole mess.  And some people go as far as to call it a temporary settlement.

Via kottke.

5 thoughts on “Traffic jam of the year”

  1. There is a big difference. Your Moscow friends have a choice. Metro, bus, or even the small ones, marshoutkes :)
    In Cyprus you don’t have a choice. You have to drive to work.

  2. come on! Walking and cycling in 42 degrees? Taxi is not a solution to traffic. We need public services. Let’s hope with the new bus companies things will change.

    1. The choice is still there. You don’t prefer that option in much the same way Moscow drivers don’t prefer the public transportation.

      And I agree about the new bus companies. Hopefully we will get some sort of public transportation system eventually.

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