Back from Pafos

Road to Pafos

If you have noticed a slight slowdown in posts to this blog, that is because I was in Pafos on vacations since Sunday the 15th. All the updates you’ve seen in the period of August 15 – August 24 were there because I prepared them prior to my vacation leave, so that you had something to read and come back to.

I have returned today with a whole bunch of stories, reviews and photographs and I will be posting them here in the nearest future. I have been keeping notes during the vacation, so don’t worry – there will be plenty of stuff. I just need some time to go through it and organize it.

If you are wondering why I haven’t warned you – that is simple. Security. If there are any bad guys around all they need to know are the dates that noone will be home and the home address. And since the home address is already published on this site, I decided to keep the vacation dates a little secret. Now that I am back, that is secret no more…

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