Conan the Destroyer

Once in a while watching TV can kill you with nostalgy. I almost died such a death today. They were showing something as acient as “Conan the Destroyer” with Arnold totally-unspellable-and-therefor-copy-pasted-named Schwarzenegger.

Special effects and fights will make you laught. Scenery is horrible and unrealistic by today’s standards. Dialogs are not any better. Light and camera work deserve special attention. Everything alltogether seems so lame and funny, but on a serious note that it is almost unbelievable.

While laughing through, Hazard and I had a short argument on what is older – this movie or “Nine 1/2 Weeks“. Well, I turned out to be right – Conan the Masterpiece is from 1984 (although this is a second film with the first one being from 1982), while the erotic flick with lots of food is from 1986. Not that much of a difference, I know, but still… :)

Arnold’s time has passed and I cannot be unhappy about it. It is time of special effects and good acting once again.

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