Rules on How to Email a Blogger

Rules on How to Email a Blogger:

A lot of bloggers email each other with the hope that they will encourage the other blogger to write about what they are writing about. Others are seeking mentors, helpful support along the blogging path.

Go and read that post. And all those that are linked from it. Seriously.

If I had to re-list the rules, I’d put in these ones:

  1. Who are you? Before I talk to you, I want to know who you are (a company, a salesperson, an individual, my relative, etc), where from you got my contact information (one of my websites or a web search or someone recommended me, etc), and what is that exactly do you want from me (an answer, a link somewhere, a post in my blog, opinion, nothing, etc). If most of this information is missing in your first email to me, I’ll probably put it in the darkest corner of my inbox, until later (read: until never). If you told me most but not everything, I’ll probably ask my questions before going any further. So, just to save us both time and effort, tell me everything up front.
  2. Persistance. If you sent me an email and waiting for a reply, and don’t get it in a reasonable period of time (from a couple of days to less than a week), then send me another one. I could have missed your original message. SPAM filter could have eaten it. I could have deleted it while drunk or sleep-deprived. I could have put it in the “Later” bin. Just send me a reminder. You can foward the original message with a “did you get this?” or something like that. I’ll catch up. I promise.

Oh well, I already feel like re-writing the already written. Go check those suggestions out. They’re worth it.

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