What’s the worst movie you ever seen?

There is an interesting post at Slashdot asking what was the worst movie you ever seen. Some discussions are really hilarious. Star Wars I and II, Gigli, Highlender 2, and few others are popping up more often, although some people consider Shrek and Starship Troopers to be the worst ones ever… These guys are just lucky – I’ve seen far worse.

I, myself, cannot remember the worst movie ever. I didn’t like Star Wars I and II, but they were far away from the worst movies. Gigli was pretty much OK. Hihglender 2 I cannot remember seeing at all. Matrix sequels were bad. Really. But not the worst. Few Travolta films, like Battlefield Earth and Swordfish were ugly. Not the worst again.

I guess, it is just how my memory works – it throws out the worst experiences immediately after gaining them. I’ll think more about what was the worst film that I have ever seen, but I need some time…

What was the worst movie you have ever seen?

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