Renewed passport

I have received my renewed Russian passport. Everyone who was so worried about it can now relax. :) The celebrations will follow…

It appears to be very similar to the old one. My first and last names are still the same. My face on the picture got older and wider. It now also has a beard. The first page (the one with the photo) now seems to have more protection on it. But the appearence is more or less the same. I can relax until the year 2009. :)

Together with the passport I got a copy of the note that I am not needed in the army until the June 30, 2005. This is also a good news, because by June 30, 2005 I will be over 27. And being over the edge of 27 means they don’t want you in the army. Ever. Unless of course there is a war. I just hope that they will not change the law by that time. :)

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