Another fog attack

Fog attack

Wheather forecast for today announced that very high temperatures are expected. So hight that it has only been 3 times that hot during the last 100 years. In Nicosia it will reach 41 Celsium in the shadow, if I remember correctly.

Such heat make humidity go nuts. While working night shifts, I get to see some really crazy fog things in the early morning. Today, there was a spectacular fog attack which first covered all of the city as far as I could see. Then it got split in the middle by the breeze. The part that was above the city died out, but the part that was above the sea started to retreat creating a wall of humidity that was modified every second by a breeze and the lights of the rising sun.

I took few pictures from my office window, but the perfomance was going around the building, so I went to the roof and took few more shots. All pictures are available here.

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