Olympic Torch will pass Nicosia tomorrow

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According to the official Olympic Torch Relay website, the Torch will be in Nicosia tomorrow. Unfortunately, there is not that much of information on the Nicosia page of the site. I guess, places under “Relay Highlights” will be the viewpoints. If it is not so, I don’t know where it will be seen. I also have no idea how to get to any of these points and what time the Torch will be passing. Unless I will get any additional information, this will be one lost photo opportunity.

If you know anything, let me know via comments, email, phone call or any other means. Thanks in advance.

Update: it seems that I am not the only one in thinking that the event was badly organized

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    Thanks a lot. I doubt that I will catch it though. Maybe in Larnaca airport or something…

    It’s a pity that there was not enough promotion of the event. I know a few people who wanted to see the Torch, but couldn’t find the route.

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