PHP upgrade, server downtime, and WordPress wierdness

I’ve upgraded the server to PHP 5.3.  The packages just showed up as alternative (php53) in the list of available upgrades and I was having troubles with earlier PHP versions, so I went for it.  It didn’t go quite as easy and simple as I expected.  Apache started crashing often.  It took me a few re-installs and configuration tweaks to fix these things.  It looks like now it’s fine.

As a side effect, I noticed a whole bunch of posts titled “Auto Draft” showing in the front page of my blog.  I wasn’t working with WordPress at the time, so it was strange to see new empty content posted.  Apparently, it’s a somewhat known issue with WordPress 3.0.  While I was trying to get rid of the empty posts, it seems I deleted a few posts  of mine own from the last couple of days. Maybe they will still show up.  Maybe not.

Anyway, I apologize for all the inconvenience.  If you notice anything else misbehaving, please let me know.

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