Split window view in screen


screen is an excellent program which is used by many people. It allows one to have a number of virtual consoles in a single terminal, attach and detach to different sessions and much more.

Today I found out that not only it is possible to have several terminal sessions simulatenously (windows as they are called), but it is possible to have few of them visible at the same time. There can be several regions on the screen each of which will display it’s own window. I know it is confusing, so just search the manual for ‘region’.

On the screenshot, I have two regions. In one of them I am reading the manual for screen. In the other – I am tailing the logs. The only thing I am missing so far is the ability to split windows vertically.

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  1. Well I have no interest in screen cause when you have to get to the console it’s because, you have very serious problems and screen is the last thing you’ll try to use to solve them…

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