The Evolution of Rallying – 50 Years Sideways

Most of the day today I am enjoy the “The Evolution of Rallying – 50 Years Sideways” DVD. This is the best film about rallying that I have seen so far. It is an excellent documentary by Helmut Deimel, which brings everything into one single film – sports, fans, cars, speed, excitement, glory, tragedy, history, innovations, etc.

This movie covers 50 years of rally sport development. There are rare shots, interviews, spectacular moments, crashes, information about cars, drivers, safety, technology, and coverage. It shows how the rally sport evolved from the simple “drive from here to there” kind of thing to an advanced and challanging sporting activity of today.

All rally fans and people interesting in the history of auto and moto sport must see this one. 10 out of 10 and an extra point for the soundtrack. :)

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