Victory Day

VictoryToday is a big holiday in Russia – The Victory Day. On May 9, 1945 Soviet soldiers put the flag of USSR on German’s government headquarters – Reichstag, signalling an end of the Second World War.

59 years passed since that day. Most of the people who survived that war are dead now. But there are still a few. And it’s sad to see how they are living their last years. My father’s parents were teenagers during that war and they are still alive. But it seems that noone cares. The country is greatful to these people. That’s why my granma has a penssion of 12 US dollars per month and my grandpa has 13 bucks. Some appreciation, isn’t it? This is ugly as hell. :(

Anyway, I congratulate everyone with this huge holiday and I hope those who were envolved in any way have the chance to celebrate.

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