The Gods Must Be Crazy

Just watched “The Gods Must Be Crazy” (Part 1 and Part 2) on DVD. Both are very good films. Actually, it’s not often that I watch the movie and the sequel in one go, but this I couldn’t stay away. Both films are very light and easy. You can watch them for hours. There is plenty of nice humor and although the films are rather old (1980 and 1989 respectively), humor is very refreshing.

Both stories happen in Africa with bushmen being the main characters. Producer of the film went far and actually used real bushmen to play bushmen. Most of the humor arises from the difference in cultures of different people. There are few interesting thoughts on the subjects of technology, modern world, social relationships, wars, and the like.

IMDB does not provide any age ratings for these movies, so I’ll mention it. In my opinion, both films are suitable for children. There is some nudity, but not sexual. The African bushmen way. There is no swearing at all in the first part (except for one guy while fixing a car, but that was didn’t have any known English words). There is minor offense in the second part that has to do with soldiers, but it slips throuth very well and is not even noticable until you pay attention to these things, like I do. :)

I’d say that these movies are somewhat similar to “Cool Runnings“, but they are more educational and funny. Recommended.

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