Harte Jungs

Just watched “Harte Jungs” (also known as “Cool kids” and “Hard youngs”) on DivX at Hazard’s place. This is an excellent movie! This is a German, or you can say European, version of “American Pie” and sequels. It’s just that European kids grow up a bit earlier then their American peers. As usual, there is a lot of European humor and style in the movie which keeps one glued to the screen for the couple of hours.

This film, while being a nice comedy does rase few nice points about children’s sex education. Until recently there were not that many places that a kid could check for the questions that he has. Internet does save some time, but does one really want a child to learn by himself? Also, what is so uncomfortable in sex relationships that makes parents shy while talking about this particular subject. I don’t know. But I don’t have any kids yet either. :)

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