The Passion of the Christ

Just came back from the movies. This time we’ve watched “The Passion of the Christ“. Yes, that’s right. Exactly that “Passion” that everyone talks so much about recently.

In my opinion, the movie sucked. It did suck so great that I cannot even remember another movie suck that bad. The only good thing about this movie is that it had a somewhat cool collection of excellent photographs. If they were stopped. But even those photographs were enough to enjoy them for about 15-20 minutes. Not more. The story is well known and it does suck. Actors didnt’ have anything much to play with, so their playing sucked too. Soundtrack wasn’t that great either. Sometimes it stronly reminded me musical pieces from “Gladiator“. No emotions what-so-ever. No drama as promised. I’ve made up my mind roughly about 10 minutes after the start of the film and the film didn’t even make any attempt to change it.

That was a real disappointment. The movie did have a strong potential. There are much weaker stories these days that make much better movies. Bloody they say it was. Bullshit. Dramatic. Bullshit again. The scene in “The Patriot” where Mel chops the guy with and axe while two of his sons are looking at it is way much more bloodier and dramatical. That scene alone was much better then the whole “Passion” thingy. Crap.

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