Hazard finished college. Celebrating in Central.

It’s official – Hazard is out of the college! He got all his marks today and they are all like ‘A’s and ‘A-‘s. :) Being so glad as he was, it was impossible not to celebrate. So, we ended up in the place called ‘Central’, which is surprisingly exactly the place where FinnBars used to be. They haven’t even changed any decorations or the furniture. Not that they have to, though.

There was no loud music, and there was no crowd. Maybe, cause it’s Tuesday. Anyway, the next big thing is that they actually have 3 (!) measures for beer. Instead of a regular half-pint and pint they have 0.25 litre and 0.5 litre. But they also happen to have 1 litre. And it comes in a proper beer mug. And it’s draught. And they have a variety of beer. My choice of the evening was Guiness.

As all of the above would be not enough, they do have a descent kitchen. Steaks are real good when taken as raw or midium. They also serve a variety of dips with chips and nachos. And a bottle of the Romanian Black Zambuka was spotted on one of the bar shelves!!!

Now, I can say that there we’ll go again soon! :)

Once again, congratulations go to Hazard on such an accomplishment – good job! :)

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