I’ve spent most of the day arranging pictures for the last two weeks or so. album.pl script that I used before seemed not good enough for me any more, so I wrote my own, which does almost the same, but in a better way. Immidiately after I’ve finished the script, I descovered that we have a disagreement with Olga about it. Further on, it seemed that we were arguing about almost every part that was different from the previous script. So, I added and changed some functionality. There is still some more to change. More arrangement and signing of photos.

Went to Chesters with Olga to meet my brother with few beers and presents along the way. Hazard came later on. Later, when Alex parted, we went to Hazard to watch “Delicatessen” – a nice French movie with somewhat dark humour. Some red wine helped it go. :)

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