Year 2003 in review

Last day of the year. It was a good year all together, but I am glad it’s over now. It’s not the events in 2003 that make me so. It’s more the events to come in 2004. Exciting! :)

Flipping through the pages of this diary for the last year make me glad that I was marking it all down. Here is a little round-up…

I’ve started 2003 in the mountains with my family (mother, brother, wife, and myself). Total isolation of any technology even close to computers. :) Lots of work in the office has been done during the rest of the month. Two remarkable things I’ve seen that January were the Tornado in Cyprus and “Two Towers”, which I was not sure were that great at the time. :)

Most of February has been spent coding an LDAP interface, which I was almost proud of, but which has been thrown out completly 6 months later and redone in Perl. After another few month that seems like a good idea.

March started off with migrating the site to the version you see now. Static HTML to Embperl, which didn’t bring much changes but was supposed to encourage futher development. Which it didn’t. :) Almost a year later (now) I am almost ready to redo the whole thing again. I even have some new designs ready and some code completed. Next few days I’ll put it up, since I’ll be having a nice vacation. :)

March also has been an office month. Major power failure left our server room without air conditioning. It felt like Pizza Hut kitchen. ;) Also, we’ve started with the NOC closer to the end of the month. NOC is bigger and better now. And more professional. :)

April has been a party month, as usual. Lots of birthday parties, trips to montains for barbeque, movies, beer, etc. I’ve started learning Perl. Really this time. I’ve also became a Perl Monk.

May was not much different from April in terms of partying. :) Lots of movies again. Disappointment with “Matrix Reloaded”. More Perl studying. Some fun in Larnaca watching KVN. :)

Main event of June was, of course, Cyprus Rally. Oh, no, not the Cyprus Rally, but Cyprus stage from World Rally Championship. Some good action! :)

July has been excellent! This month I’ve got my SonyEricsson P800 and we started our tradition of Saturday travelling, which presented us with opportunities to discover a bunch of really nice places.

Nothing special happened in August, except more travelling and movie watching. :)

September has been interesting with holidays we took together with my wife and Hazard in Paphos. Remembering that now brings a certain amount of nostalgie. :)

October is known as a month when I started to grow my beard, which I prouldy wear till this day. :)

Most of November was spent in the hospital together with Olga and doctors. She is OK now, and I am glad that’s over.

December…well, you know all about it since it’s a recent month. :)

I am off to the New Year…

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