Mozilla Firebird installation

Caught Mozilla being slow today. It’s the first time since…hmm…I don’t remember anyway. :) The fact was used as a signal to action, so here I go with Firebird installation. Anyway I need only the browser and no stinky mail client. :) Firebird feels much faster, has some nice functionality, especially with the use of the extensions. The only thing which annoyed me was total lack of font anti-aliasing. Tomorrow, I guess, I’ll have to get the source and compile it myself. I cann’t beleive there is no AA in Firebird when Mozilla has it all the way. Behold! :)

Olga is ill…started yesterday evening, and is still sufferring. Poor babe. :(


Some excellent Quake 3 news! :) First of all, there were few very nice games tonight. We started off with Capture The Flag (3v3), then continued with some duels (I played 3), and then went on with an excellent TDM game (2v2). r2k clan should an impressive aim, but total lack of timing pushed them few frags back. :) Lots of fun! By the way, one of the duel’s demo is uploaded to Quake/demos. Check it out.

Also, the idea of having a Q3 duel competition haven’t died out yet. There are about 10 people registered and supposedly the day will be the 1st of November. We’ll see if it will live up to that. All news are as usual at Gamers-Cy. :)


Trip to Larnaca for fish barbeque at Svetka and Yannis place. Nice food, beer, nargile. Fun time. :)

Meanwhile, the amount of time I’ve spent on writing and rewriting of NOC schedule at work haven’t just vanished. Finally, I was able to figure out the solution which is clean and elegant. Bones of the said solution were coded last night. Skin, meat, blood, and everything else I’ll do during my numerous shifts until the end of the month. :) Boy, am I proud of myself.:)
There is another bit I am missing currently, which is an editor for all the conditions that we have. I’ve seen one in the movie long time ago, but I guess I’ll have to figure it all out on my own, since I forgot the title of that movie. :) Happy coding. :)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Long sleep. Then a real nice duel with shadow on ztr3tourney1. He was leading most of the game, but 2 minutes to the end I’ve taken leadership with 2 frags ahead. On the last minute, he took those 2 frags back and we had a couple of minutes of Sudden Death Overtime. I’ve got all sweaty and nervous with shaking hands and everything, so he used the advantage and killed me once, which was obviuosly enough. :) GG indeed!

After I got back to my senses and had some dinner, we (Olga and me) went to see the “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“. It’s was rather nice with all mixes of Invisible Men, Dr.Mariarti, Captain Nemo, etc. Details were excellent! Especially the transparency of Invisible Man and Nautilus submarine. It’s not something that I’ll buy on DVD or go to see once again though. :) Anyway, mildly recommended. :)