Hazard received the Amazon package which had some stuff for me too – “Full Metal Jacket” and “Payback” DVDs, and Criptonomicon and Annotated Alice in Wonderland books. Entertainment time. :)

Quick beer in German restaurant and off to Hazard’s place to watch “Mars Attacks!”. Good Friday. :)


Today is the end of the first real (first touch was when Red Hat 9 came out all Red Hat mirrors were dead) experiment with BitTorrent. BitTorrent is an excellent peer-to-peer network based on an open protocol. Speeds are excellent and there is a bunch of content. Look, for example at SuperNova.

Few minor glitches which I found to be my fault, but overall I am very positively impressed. Good job! :)


Today is the last night shift of the series since Saturday. Most of the stuff that I’ve planned for these nights is done now and I am kind of happy I took them. Also, it proved to be a good addition to my basic salary. :)

Archeological news: I’ve found the first mention of me studing Linux! The date is 28th of November 1998. Distribution – Slackware 3.5. I even don’t remember that I ever used Slackware. :) Anyway. Data comes from these two messages to the linuxtalk mailing list (in Russian). For those, who want to try Slackware 3.5, it can be downloaded from here. Good luck! :)