Hazard managed to find some time to publish three more photo albums from our recent adventures. Annotated they do await you in the “Photos” section of this site. :)

Some effort I did spend recently on learning Emacs. This is the third time I try to familiarize myself with it and it’s the third time I fail. I come few steps further every time though. ;)

In general, there are some nice bits of everything and anything integration in Emacs, which, I suspect, might fasten the work a bit. Extensive documentation on functions, keywords, etc. cperl mode has some nice features for perl programming (like parens staff, and pod2man window). Unfortunately, I haven’t found yet how to work with menus without using the mouse and how to change the appearence of Emacs color-wise (like “:set colorscheme something” in Vim). Web browsing, mail, and news are also yet far away from me configuring them in one go. :)

Vim still rocks my world! :)

Lots of perl coding at work. My CVS usage is getting advanced enough for me to notice the drawbacks of using it. Subversion is now shipped with new version of Red Hat Linux distribution, so I might try it. arch, I hear, is much better also, but I don’t think I am in a mood of downloading and installing of software control on all my machines. :) But times change. :)

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