Saturday the trip day again. :)

Original plan to go to Cape Greko (or whatever it’s name is), but due to our late leave we changed the plan on the way. Nissi beach. While it’s not that hot any more as it used to be, the water is still warm and beach time is still on.

We stayed long, until the sunset. Numerous beach activities like study of ants’ lifestyle in isolated laboratires made from playing cards and digging alive human being (Lev) into sand made the time pass.

Back home in Limassol a quick shower and search for food, which guided us into a never-yet-tried new Yugoslavian restaurant “Garden”. While it looked somewhat better then our all times favourite “Kod Cece”, the food and service was the same or worse. The music was distructing some of us real bad too. Anyway, I don’t think we’ll visit it anytime soon.

A game of poker at our place with me loosing whatever I had, plus going into debts. Luckily, I am married to a rich woman, who won the game. ;)


Today is kind of a special day. Meeting at Alex Georgiades’ place to celebrate the birth of his daughter Irina. Lots of people, vodka, beer, and pizza. His wife and daughter are still in the hospital (hopefully coming out tomorrow), but we had a bunch of pictures to see. Nice party!

After that Hazard and me are off for hotdog and a long talk on the beach. “People are strange, when you are a stranger…” (C) Doors. :)


Rather crazy day at work. Everyone suddenly decided that they should now be on the top of my TODO list, so they proceeded with trying to persuade me to modify my prescuios task list. Some of them actually succeeded.

Fax server went through yet another reanimation and review. Ticketing system configurations were modified several times through the course of the day. Updates were installed on several machines and broken staff fixed where it happened. Aparently, a strange thing happenned with Intranet, where CPAN decided to feed me with versin 3 of the CGI module. I forsee a pain in the near future when it’ll be necessary to upgrade to that. Until of course they’ll fix all the issues like cookies and sessions functionality broken with mod_perl and Embperl thrown into mix. Anyway, today is over. :)