Movie day. We started out with Olga by watching “Rabbit-Proof Fence“. Although it was a good movie, it didn’d fill me enough. Lots of nice scenery of Australia, but the plot is simple and action is mostly absent. So, I call up Hazard and we go to his place to watch something more disturbing – “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life“. Hilareous was it. Very brave movie even for our time. Lots of church humor and Douglas Adams atmosphere.

I came home and felt almost filled with movies, but my appetite for some cheap action with lots of fighting and blood was still high. I went through the pile of CDs with DivX which my brother gave me recently, and came across “Evil Cult“. It’s one of the early Jet Li movies. Chineese martial arts movie, so to speak. So I watched it. I didn’t like it much, although I am a fan of cheap chinese butt-kicking dancing. The fact that the movie was all in Chinese didn’t have to deal with my disliking it though. :) Martial arts were good as they were, but my position on fighting in movies like this is that it should be one guy fighting another one guy fighting a bunch of others. I don’t like a bunch of guys fighting another bunch of guys. It’s way off the style. :)

In other news, it’s my grandmother’s birthday today – Happy Birthday, Grandma! :) Though I doubt that she will ever read it – she’s from pre-Internetic generation. :)

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