Slow day in preparation for the night shift in NOC. Small discussion with Hazard over phone about the wishlist and the staff to order from Amazon.co.uk. Finally I’ve decided to get both some books and some DVDs. :)

Hazard also sent me a useful link to the page on Cyprus government’s site about the procedure of getting the citizenship via naturalization :) . Check it out here.

Hunger as always at the middle of the day, so Olga and I decide to check out this new place called “Shrimpy” which is supposed to be good with shrimps and other sea creatures. We, of course, picked up Hazard on the way, since he is the always-hungry type of a guy. :) And he had a map. And he is a nice guy…anyway :)

Shrimpy turned out to be ugly and depressing. They never change their oil, so the food smells bad and has the black staff all over it. Even on the french fries. Portions are small and rather expensive. Carlsberg, as usual, saved the day. And they serve draught too! First time is our last time here, I guess.

Depressing sea food pushed us for some compensation so we go to Kanika to enjoy some Sophie’s ice cream. Deliceous, as usual. :)

Since I have a lot of time until the NOC shift starts, we go back to Hazard’s place again and watch “Donnie Darko“. Nice movie, but a big long and slow at times.

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