EquilibriumFinally, I’ve watched “Equilibrium“. Disappointment. It’s not even close to “The Matrix”. The story (plot) is not finished, there are lots of glitches. Like millions. To start with, after the war people are usually very peaceful and don’t need hard military control. Secondly, I haven’t seen a single mutant, although the story takes place after the Third World War, which involved nuclear weapons. Hell, there is no even one ugly face in the whole movie. All men are body builders and all women are sexy, big breasted brunets. That’s boring. Lots of things like that.

Additionally, plenty of staff has been just plainly stolen from “The Matrix”. Camera positions, style, and effects in certain places. Like when these guys are coming from the downtown in the car in the beginning of the movie – it looks exactly like the scene when Neo has been taken to see the Oracle in the Matrix. The way he sees staff passing by while sitting on the back seat of the car… Black leather coats, haircuts, the way people talk… They even tried to steal martial arts, but that was difficult, so they failed miserably. And I am glad for that.

There are couple of nice fighting scenes in this movie, but it’s not worth the whole movie. I would rate the whole thing as 3 or 4 out of 10. Definitely not 7.8/10 as it stand on IMDB.

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