Bloglines is self improving with Publisher Tools

The “freedbacking” thing must have worked or something, because Bloglines started to improve. I’ve been monitoring the blogosphere and surely quite a few people mentioned the much needed publisher tools.

From now on, all those people who have RSS feeds can claim them in Bloglines and do some management and maintenance. For now, we can get rid of dups with the newly released Publisher Tools. Hopefully, the set of tools will grow with time.

And improve too. I’ve tried to claim a couple of my feeds, but it didn’t worked quite yet. My LiveJournal feed wasn’t found in the database, and the feed from this site caused an Internal Server Error. I’m sure those are just a couple of tiny bugs that will be ironed out in a day or two.

Overall, a good move, which is surely appreciated. At least, by yours truly.

Update: I was amazed this morning to find in my inbox an email from the Bloglines engineer acknowledging one abovementioned problem and requesting more information about another. Good work!

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