Joe Rogan’s website

Spent most of the day browsing through Joe Rogan’s web site. He is the guy you see every time in Fear Factor. Apparently, he is a moderately-known comedian in USA. He also seems to have an opinion on everything…and most of the times it’s not what you expect to hear. There are few MP3s on his site with interviews and comedy bits (the staff on independent films, princess Di, cloning Jesus, and Bush vs Al Gore is really funny). He also does some music, which can be probed from his site. And to finish this holy picture – he plays Quake3! The site is an interesting mixture of opionions on random staff, pictures of his nude friend, links to pornography, music reviews and just about anything else. Check it out.

Watching “Fear Factor” episode with twins on TV in the evening. One of those plesent moments when good guys win.

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